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poll: how much watt is your PSU

How much Watt is your PSU?  

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  1. 1. How much Watt is your PSU?

    • +1200W
    • +1000W
    • +800W
    • +600W
    • +500W
    • +400W
    • +300W
    • 2

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After reading up alot on PSU's I upgraded. I recently had a 850W game go south. I didn't start having issue until I was running a Q6600 at 1.7v and 8800GTX at 1.5v. I purchased a 1000W Ultra X3 PSU. The reason being the amperage was a reading off a single rail. I believe the quad at 1.7v is why I had issues but it can't be proven. Either that or electronic noise. Whichever I know I am extremely happy with the stability of the new PSU.


As for the Japanese benchers most are C2D's and not quad's also they have no power needed for a GPU.

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Various PSUs...top dogs being PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW SR, OCZ ProXStream 1000W, Zippy PSL-850.

These are some of my benching setups units, for my gaming rigs I use the Corsair HX620W, a GameXStream 1010W, and some Antec TruePower Trio 650W [ planning to swap some with some nice PC Power & Cooling Silencer's ]

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