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Schenckel bros - GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 @ 1360/1170MHz - 36415 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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@ Mutt - There are no good RAMs at this card... just can scale a lit bit more

@ Tolsty - VGPU 1.62 OVP the card at GTX480 Zombie PWM... drop is 1.62 to 1.58~1.59


It's a hard competition to Class B... hardest than A semi finals americas.

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yes, old one. many caps, short thick wires , tested few times last month (before EPOWER ruse was announced) but droop was very big .. more bigger than on 260gtx , with similar soldering.

so at -60 there was a little difference between stock VRM and epower (1300/1330)

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Old Epower has a huge drop. I never tested on GTX 560, but to Titan is huge. I can set 1.9V and go to 1.6 in full load. Zombie PWM from GTX 480 is much more stable.... you can set 1.6 and run 1.55~1.56.

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