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Little A10-6700 can also overclock! Single stage results.

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Hi guys. Just a little write-up on my latest oc. I got hold of this neat cpu for a HTPC build for a friend and obviously I had to try out it's overclocking capabilities before dooming it to a life of stock clocks and air cooling :)


Now most people might think "Why?!" since the A10-6700 is a locked cpu and the 6800K would be the best choice for OC. Well simply put I was curious how far this cpu could be pushed in spite of locked max multi. Plus I've been meaning to try out The Stilts awesome piece of software, Bulldozer Conditioner which really improves x87 performance i. e. Super Pi.


For this bench session I used the ASUS F2A85M-PRO together with Dominator Platinum 2666C10 and cooled by Little Devil rotary SS (-55 Celsius at best).




It's a real good idea to use high powered fan on vrm when benching wprime, it gets rather hot... but mobo is great for FM2 OC.


Max cpuz (max fsb)




Max pifast

24.97 @ 5624 MHz



Max Spi1M

14,219 @ 5624 MHz



Max Spi32M

13 min 12,219 sec @ 5587 MHz



Max Wprime32M

11,484 @ 5624 MHz



Max Wprime1024M

6 min 8,874 sec @ 5546 MHz



Still very fun to oc, especially now with the improved X87-performance. With one or more multi available I think up to 6 GHz would be ok to run 1M with this cooling. Turbo multis did only work at low fsb, like booting 105 and then raise in OS. Sadly could not raise to more than ~ 125 FSB inside OS so 150x37 was way faster.

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"build for a friend and obviously I had to try out it's overclocking capabilities before dooming it to a life of stock clocks and air cooling"


I know what you mean, I do the same thing! Is that the mobo your using in the build too?

Great results btw!

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Yap, I always use IDE setting when I install XP. I had some funny glitches above 150 MHz fsb where the screen would flicker, sometimes show corrupt graphics and only show part of windows like superpi. I would guess pci-e frequency was very high, maybe directly tied to fsb? Almost every reboot I had to push reset button to boot os, since first try gives black screen. I didn't have the time to try other graphics cards but maybe, just maybe, I would have gotten higher with some other card. And there's no PCI slots on this mobo so that wasn't an option either.

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