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(FS/EU) LN2 gear: KPC / YDS 30L dewar / SF3D / Fluke / DimasTech


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Too much cooling gear and too little time, some things gotta go :D


For sale is:


1) SOLD KPC F1EE. Best LN2 pot ever made. Comes complete with all mounting hardware and a lot of insulation material. $150 SOLD


2) KPC Tek-9 FAT 6.0 GPU unit. Used 2 times, like brand new. Comes complete with all mounting hardware and a lot of insulation material. $150


3) SF3D tripple point memory cooler. Unused, comes with 2 coldplates. $50


4) DimasTech benchtable, hard edition. Comes with most brackets for fans, arch etc. In mint condition, milkwhite. $75


5) SOLD Fluke 52 II. In mint condition. It misses the bolt for the battery cover but thats under the yellow holder so not a problem. Comes with 2 original fluke probes, very accurate and read donw to -200. $125 SOLD


6) SOLD Fluke 15B multimeter. Like new. $75 SOLD


7) SOLD YDS 30L dewar. Like new, perfect vacuum. Hold LN2 very wel, it only looses 0.1L a day. $225 SOLD







Willing to ship anywhere, we wil work out cheapest and fastest deivery to your place. Can make a nice price if you want more then 1 item or the whole set :)

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