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Barisan - Athlon XP 2400+ Thoroughbred @ 3449.5MHz - 3449.54 mhz CPU-Z


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AMD Athlon XP2400+ Thoroughbred-B AXDA2400FKV3C, Stepping Code KIXJB, Stepping B0. Unbelievable but true - CPU cooled with Thermalright Pure Cooper Base and Delta Fan with 4380rpm.

Not a chance in hell on air. Everybody knows that the "K" and "P" steppings are garbage OC'ers to start with. IMO, the only way you'll ever see that kind of clock on a socket A processor.....any socket A processor....is with sub-ambient cooling. You can tell us it's on air all you want, it makes no difference to me, but why tell stories?.....Just the truth would be fine. Nice clock regardless of how you got it.;)

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True what Mr.Scott says. This frequency is impossible at ambiental cooling. I believe this is a CPU-Z/BIOS bug which reads x15 multiplier instead of x12.5. I mean I have one of the best XP2400+ out there and it barely goes 3.25GHz on my 2-stage cascade (3GHz on single-stage).

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