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Hey guys, just wanted to give drop some info on Elmors latest project


Elmor has created a seriously handy little I2C controller he has named eVc. eVc connects via USB to a control computer and the eVc software allows control over nearly any graphics card that supports I2C.


The controller works by interfacing with the PWM controller and allows adjustments such as voltages, current limits, load line and power states.


This tool opens up lots of possibilities such as adjusting voltages on the fly. We have recorded a short demonstration on how eVc works and then taken an AMD 7790 subzero to see how eVc can open up clock frequencies when the GPU is subzero.


AMD 7790 @ 1600 MHz, not bad!


For more information you can check out the eVc homepage over at elmorlabs - http://elmorlabs.com/index.php/evc/


Attached is the link to a short video I've recorded to show how it works

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It's still in the development phase since I'm a bit busy with other things at the moment, but in a month or two it should be possible to make them available on a bigger scale.


Video link is broken, but this looks like it has a lot of potential!


Jon..... is support for the NCP5388 and 5395 possible? Those two controllers make GPU benching much less fun.


NCP5388 doesn't have a digital interface, just external VID control. Not sure about NCP5395 but NCP5392 doesn't have it either so I'm quite sure there is none on the NCP5395 either unfortunately.

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It's a pain. OCP and switch freq are linked and inversely proportional, so the pins need separated and modded separately. The PCB layout of cards using the NCP controllers are generally crap, so the VID components are sometimes (literally) all over the place. Then, there's OVP and droop to deal with.


They're bollocks, basically :)

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