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StrategosSan - A10-6800K @ 7432MHz - 11sec 0ms SuperPi - 1M


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I just rebooted without BSOD or freeze or anything else and didn't want to boot anymore... After several try, it did bios flashback and then it was the choas, could not even see the bios. I tried your "tweak" with screwdriver to enforce bios flashback but nothing. Just hope it is not dead.

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The trick needs several tries. Try to hold the paperclip while you hit the power button or put it just after the start.

I even managed to flash a DFI 790FX bios over the 990FXA-UD3 (had it on autoexec.bat on one of the usb sticks) :D

But then revived the board with the same trick

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