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The Stilt - FX-9370 @ 8160MHz - 9sec 218ms SuperPi - 1M


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btw can you post more details about the mod on your board?


I'll post some pictures when I have rested a day or two.


The "Slow Mode" is quite simple as you only need to connect a switch between PROCHOT and Vss.

It was a struggle to find the soldering spot for it thou, took around 1.5 hours.


I think the UD7 could do even more after the VRM switching frequency is raised.

There is no public datasheet for the ISL6330 so I don't know which pin sets the fSW or what it currently is set to. Usually GB boards have a very low fSW, on 990XA-UD3 for example the VRM operates at 263kHz.

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