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TaPaKaH - Opteron 152 90nm @ 3984MHz - 20sec 937ms SuperPi

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you've missed this one on ebay, Knut :D


I remember that auction ;) But it was fairly expensive if my memory is correct - above $100. Plus, the batch was unknown (I know which one it is, though:D ) in overclocking circles, so I decided not to spend money on it.


If you're planning to bench alot of 939 chips I bet you'll be able to bring down quite a few of my records, I never had the money to bin every model released - and now these are very hard to find.


You should try to beat the 4000+ record ;) I've tried 40-50 chips and no luck yet.

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I'm not planning to bench every single 939 model like you did - most of them are $/hwbot inefficent, according to my excel :D

The only $/hwbot efficent s939 chips left are 3700sd, 4000sd, x2-3800man, o146 and o165.


I'm already done with the popular venices (bought every single 0512-0520,0602-0610 chip under 10euros, about 30 cpus in total), after seeing you,gianni and stunned_guy hunting for golden SanDiegos - I'm not even looking to spend as much time and money. As for the X2 and Opterons - some **** still bid over 50euros for "random batch" :eek:


P.S. Bad for you, I already bought me a MA790X-DS4 and am buying all Windsor and Brisbane under 20Euros :P

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