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3770K stuck at 6GHz


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Hi people


I had a frustrating bench session today. I was testing my 3770K i got back from RMA for 4c/8t stability to run 3DMark06.


I used Cinebench as a baseline stability test so I could see what the CPU would AT LEAST be capable of for 06.


The chip scaled awesome, doing 5993MHz at only 1.55v for Cinebench with LN2! At 107x57 it froze. I rebooted and tried again, bumping the voltage to 1.6v with no luck.


The rest of the session I tried different blck and multi combinations, different temps, tuning secondary voltages and vcore up to 1.7v, and disabled HT, it would just not go more than 6GHz.


Later on I even ran 5900MHz 06 CPU test at -80degrees 1.55v, concluding that the CPU was definetely stable enough to be able to do 6100MHz at 1.7v -165degrees.


In the end I ran out of LN2 and ideas.


Is there maybe something I missed, or some kind of BIOS setting to fix this? (I'm using Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H with S3 BIOS)


It would be a shame if this chip isn't able to break 6GHz, because with 4c/8t 6000MHz 1.55v Cinebench it has very good potential to be 6400MHz 3DMark06 chip...



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