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The official GIGABYTE H55 miniITX contest thread.


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the only prize is lucky draw?


Since most of you are in this sport for the love of overclocking, and not for the love of prizes, we’ve decided not to announce any. That’s not to say there won’t be any at the end of the competition for the winners, but for the true overclocking purists out there, it gives you the chance to show the community you are doing this for fun (and maybe just a little for the bragging rights). We are also looking to see who is the fan favorite, so make sure to vote using HWBOT’s voting system (there might just be a lucky draw prize in it for those of you who vote).
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contest sounds really nice but I got rid of all my 1156 things a bit earlier - well let's see maybe I'll give it a go after my summer holiday (what only would left a week but maybe a nub like me has some luck in stage 1 before getting badly owned when using only DICE in stage 2 :D :D :D )

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sure mate i'm behind the comp......I'm allowed to have fun right :D .... not prizes ;)


let's play nice boys, this comp has been insipired by Sam's thread at OCX and XtremeSystem 32M challenge thread for everyone in love in all things SuperPi :celebration:


let's all have some fun

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  • Crew

oh so you wernt just talking smack about having a h55 content dino,


i think this is an awesome idea, i know i had alot of fun on this platform, lets get back in to it and see who reigns supreme on h55 !


i think the idea behind no prizes is just to get those really interested involved, see some 32m purity without the need to win something for the efforts..

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just got this little board myself

I must say ...damn its good!

its really a performance per cm2 killer! :D


anyhow... does anyone have a indication about what times to get with clarkdale at 4Ghz?

(not that im gonna run clarkdale for that part of the contest... just to compare :) )

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