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The official GIGABYTE H55 miniITX contest thread.


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I'm officially out of the contest :( One memory channel doesn't work, probably due to some bent pins or something. Even with 1.49V VTT I couldn't make 2:10 divider work... Only a few times, but I think that was completely random.


Nevermind, what matters is that I had lots of fun. Amazing little bastard could overclock my i7 860 up to 5GHz - 4930MHz 32M benchable. Congratulations to Gigabyte for manufacturing it! I wish I knew how to mod it, so that I could bump VTT at 1.55V or even more. That way I would have made 2:10 work flawlessly (my chip needs high VTT anyway).

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george just stay positive and see what you can do.. I know how you feel my friend. It sucks. I just got another board and 655 so I'm in the process of doing the mods and insulation. after seeing fester's board I'm taking my time and taking every precaution. did you see the pic of his board after the last session?!!!



holy crap!

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^^ i know! I'm wondering if his board even turns on after that session. I've never seen anything like that before. It mustve been raining or something that day. Ive benched for 8 hrs at -100 - -140 and it never looked anything close to that. I didnt have grease in the dimms on the last run but I think I might do it and fill the recessed center of the socket just to be safe. also I always seal the battery circle with eraser. his is just out in the open. The leaderboard speaks for itself... I've said it before and i'll say it again. The Aussie team is the raddest!

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Just submerge the whole rig in vaseline :D


I think you're right Bizzy Bone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bizzy_Bone


I cant take any chances. Its been raining for the past 4 days in NYC and today is the 1st day the sun came out. I just sprayed it all down and I plugged the new 655k in and the stock cooler and its all good. I'm gonna do some driver crap and then take it all down and do the next steps. I usually never grease the dimms because the last time I did it it just attracted so many particles but I think its the only way to ensure it makes it through a long session. Are you a contender too? it would be awesome to have you here. Sorry to call you bizzy bone. I'm not a huge rap fan but bone thugs in harmony wouldnt have been the huge 90s success if it wasn't for your beautiful voice and tweaks on the sound engineers computer when you guys cut the 1st record. :D

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dino how far do live from him? i dont know how tight you guys are. I just imagine you guys are all hanging out together in the parking lot of an AC/DC show talking about overclocking. you know what I mean? A good analogy for au team would be a band that has 3 guys that are masters of their instruments and just kick ass (AU team)

or a jam band with 15 guys, maybe the drummer and bassist are really really good but the dude on harmonica and rest of the band screws up and makes the band sound like crap. I know I give you guys a lot of crap with the fosters and outback steakhouse jokes but the truth is I am jealous because AU team is the best metal band I've ever seen.

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Wow thanks man but we are a bunch of jokers too that don't take themselves too seriously heheh



Distances are pretty bad...here is how far the rest of team au guys are from me


Youngro 1400km

Kayl 4500km

Eva2000 1000km

U F 4500km

T_M 6000km

Bob(nz) 7000km


Eeeeek wish we could get together more often as we have a lot of fun.

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whats everyone doing right now? I finally got it all on and have like 1/4 tank of 35l left. chew whats your status? did you get it going again? hit me on the radio. anyone else clocking tonight get in here so we have something to do while the boards are warming back.

I have no expectations of myself. I just want to beat my last score and see what this new 655k can do. other than that I'm just excited to be back in here. Get in here with me! chew call me.


@dino I'm listening to the ac/dc Dirty Deeds record in the background. maybe it will give me some aussie luck.

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