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Add MSI 6340 mainboard


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Hello HWbot staff. I resuscitated a old, but interestingly designed MSI mainboard MS-6340 rev.1 with KT133 chipset and supporting Socket 462 CPU's up to whooping 1GHz :D


And I would like HWbot supports it.


MSI show only "M" version of it:



...so it is not terribly clear, witch is the official name of this thing:


...because there are plenty of options and fairly similar mainboards. And the last link for the ver. 5 did not even work :(


But mine looks like this one:



My pictures of the MSI 6340 mainboard before caps replacement:


MSI_6340_M_1.jpg MSI_6340_M_2.jpg


After replacement:



So I would be inclined to believe that this is MSI 6340 and not the "M" version of it, as the "M" version do have different CPU VRM (mainly less caps and not the yellow Fujitsu polymer caps, witch I replaced with the Samxon URL polymer caps).


For example this is also not my mainboard:



...yet it looks awfully similar to this reviewed one:



And there seems to be some info about it:



CPU-Z report it as MSI 6340.

Everest report is as K7M Pro (MS6340M) or K7TM Pro (MS-6340), yet none of the pictures on the net (of K7TM Pro) looks like what I have in hand and now is working on the SuperPi 32M test :banana:


So, this time the challenge it, what is the precise selling name of this board, because MSI use their own internal names and different ones for public, IIRC...

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BIOS show this - on the upper part of the post screen:

W6340MS V4.0 030101


...and at the bottom:



The 030101 is clearly the date the bios get created. 6340 seems to be the mobo type, not sure about the MS after... Maybe MS as MicroStarInternational shortcut...?

The 8363 is on the VIA KT133 chipset written, on the NB, to be precise. Also the 686B is on the southbridge, to be concrete:



So, is this a MSI 6340 v4...? No mobo like that MSI show on their page... lol. Maybe we can stick with the MSI 6340 and so be it.

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