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A-10 6800k

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Ok guys, I need some input on my V.core 1.60 this was with auto setting only. Is this normal etc.???


Note at rest 2080.1 MHZ 1.096 load 4.888 MHZ@ 1.58-1.60 v.core

Information on the build


1.A-10 6800K

2.ASUS MB F2 A85-V Pro stock bios

3.PSU Corsair 1000 watt

4.G.Skill ram Per Storm 2,133

5. SSD San Disk 64GB

6.Radon HD 6870

7.Old Corsair water CPU cooler one fan 23.c load 27c with one loop of Super PI@ 1m

8 Antec 1200 case good cooling


I am up loading screen shots



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You could try The Stilt's Devastator PowerTune. That software can halt boost voltage and hence can lower operating temperature, but you lose the automatic control that comes with it. It might not be stable, though per basis circumstantiality it may help as well: as in operation over 62 celcius(144F) at 1.475v(you might check your stats via APU Fuse interpreter, also a software coming from the Stilt).

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