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R9 290X Complete Volt Mods , Thx to Shamino ..


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That's correct Moose , I need some help , my 2 R9 290X just arrived today , one Asus and one is MSI , for the life of me I cannot flash the cards with any atiflash utility ???? I tried the one provided by Shammy version atiflash-4.17 and also I have tried the 2 latest versions in TPU , tried everuything to not available , please help. If yopu have flashed your card R9 290X successfully wish atiflash version you used ? and what commands , I tried atiflash -f -p 0 PT3.rom it does not work even trying to get information from the bios using commands like atiflash -ai or atiflash I , it says adapter not found and error 0FL01. Any guidance or help will be greatly apretiated.


Kind Regards: Chispy

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Thank you jjjc and thanks to mikecdm , I did that and re-named the atiflash-4.17 provided by Peter , it needs to be re-named to ONLY atiflash , that's it voila flashing we go, also I deleted the older versions of atiwinflash in my usb bootable drive , only used the re-named atiflash and bios PT3 on the bootable thumb drive nothing else , commands use as always the same old ones I had been using for years - atiflash -f -p 0 PT3.rom





Happy chispy , cards going under water now for a quick test.

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