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Xtreme Addict's M6E tips to keep CPUs alive

Xtreme Addict

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First TIP


To keep our retails alive (and ES QEH6) we have to understand one main thing on M6E (and I think it's also works on Gene, Impact) - "Fully Manual Mode" was designed for almost indestructible QE6S ES cpus which can be benched 2v+ and for validation 3v+ isn't a problem (I saw it on my own eyes) and was designed cause originally VRM of cpus could only deliver 1.7 Vcore. For retails cpus and newer ES cpus we should play with default Intel's VRM overvoltage methods which doesn't limit us in voltages. Of course keep in mind that Haswell is Hasfail, it can die everytime, on each motherboard, in the box, it's not guarantee, but it helped me so I am sharing :)










And the same for Cache voltage.


Adaptive mode is also okay, moreover using slow mode it will set our Vcore to ~ 1.25v instead of let's say 1.8v.


NOTE: When Fully Manual Mode is disabled you can't set VCore or Cache Voltage or SA/Analog/Digital via OC Panel (but still you can control Vdimm, Vcccin), only via VTurbo Lite all voltages can be set.


Second TIP


Never set LN2 Mode Jumper on air, firstly cool down CPU at -20/-30*C minimum.


LN2 Mode Jumper when enabled, gives extra voltage at booting for VCore, Cache, I/O Analog & Digital and System Agent. Voltages depend from your CPUs VIDs and Bioses.


0038 bios sets much lower on I/O Digital & Analog and SA than older bioses (1.2v compared to 1.4v on 0036 bios).


Many cpus can't handle 1.4v even on LN2, on air it sometimes ends with fast death.


Note: You need to have LN2 Mode Jumper enabled in order to use Slow Mode switch and have higher range of voltages (Vccin).


Third TIP


Use 0038 and 0804 (official) bioses, from my testings are much smother, much less "00" heart attacks and much lower voltages when LN2 Jumper Enabled.


Forth TIP


For TurboEvo Lite or OC Panel use ME driver which was posted in Shamino's M6OCPACK, it's working without bugs, on newer drivers I had some bugs

Fifth TIP


Don't use LN2 profiles (1, 2, 3) those are good for OLD ES, not retails. Load LN2 Profile 1 for VRM setting and all other options in Tweaker's Paradise ;) and set all voltages by yourself (for beginning recommended - 1.5v vcore, 1.5v Cache, SA +100-500, I/O Analog + 0-300, I/O Digital + 0-300). Note that on 0038/0804 bios SA voltage by def is 0.8v (depends from CPU also) (with turned off Fully Manual Mode), on many others boards SA def voltage is like 1.0v.



Using those all 5 tips I stopped having dead Hasfails on M6E, last one was killed during AOOC (5 GHz in bios) on the same sample. I used the same board for HOT contest with my tips and all cpus (XTU and SPI) gems are alive :)

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My theory is turbo lite is the culprit....


i noticed some little bug too,sometimes when you apply 2 changes of the same parameter one after the other it will not apply the second change you made,then if you change the same parameter again it's instant crash.i've played on all the rog mobo\s except formula,maximum voltage used 1.5 air and 1.7 dice,no problems,no killings....

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For Turbo lite use ME driver which was posted in Shamino's M6OCPACK, it's working without bugs, on newer drivers I had some bugs too


yes but XTU installs the ME that it wants right? :)


Seems sometimes applying 1.725v in software would be around 1.9vcore real so I set all volts in bios for now on but it was too late it seems.

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