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i7 980X on the rocks ( palinkaaaaaa shots! )


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A few days ago Sophocles ( sofos1990 ) asked me if I wanted to bench with him and his cr@ppy Core i7 980X, he purchased a Sparkle GTX 480 and wanted to get some numbers down with that setup before selling that bloody 980X of his.

So I said "sure, why not", I haven't had an LN2 session in the last few... months and I needed some of that benching adrenaline, after some phone calls all the details were taken care of and we had a date :P:

I picked his brand new card and my Palit GTX 480 as well and gave them a nice conformal spray bath.

Since sofos1990's 980X was better ( despite being a cr@ppy CPU ) than my best 980X ( how typical :D ) I decided to take down some numbers with my card as well, my HWbot account needed a refresh.


The numbers we nailed down that day aren't actually worth mentioning, his 980X geezer was barely capable of running AquaMark 3 near 6100MHz and 3D Mark03 around 6GHz.

Sofo's VGA was also better than mine, and thanks to the decent clocks his card managed to go through in 3D Mark03 sofo's grabbed the 6th place in the 3D Mark03 single card rankings with his 136.886 3D Mark03 run ( CPU 6GHz, GPU/MEM 1250/1050 ).

He also captured a ~421k ( 420.937 ) AquaMark 3, and a ~52k 3D Mark05 ( 51872 ) with our last drops of LN2 ( barely made it to the save score window :D ).


So was this long story worth reading ? Maybe not, but the following paragraph probably is :D


I'm pretty sure that sofo's would kill himself for not saving some LN2 that day to try my newest 980X ( which was taking a nap on my 24/7 classified setup :P: ) :rofl:

2 days ago, I gathered 14L of LN2 and a lil' friend of mine, AMDnord to help me out.

To my surprise, the 980X ( 3005F210 ) was a good chip ( not what I'd love to have and fall in love with, but considering my... bad luck & karma, I should be happy for having this one ).

We started the testing with the usual CB & CBB testing in dual channel memory mode, the numbers ? No coldbug at all, and -154C cold boot bug :D

Then we did some 3D Mark Vantage CPU TEST(S)ing, 1.6V 5.4GHz done, 1.7V 5.7GHz done, 1.8V 5.95GHz done.

Then we tried AquaMark 3 as we had just a few liters of LN2, 6450MHz AquaMark done at 1.85V ( success! Borat said :rofl: ).

Tried to raise the UnCore then, but had limited success with that, I think the 73 BIOS for the X58 Classified E760 isn't exactly mature for 980X UnCore clocking yet, anyway, 6450MHz CPU and 4.5GHz or so UnCore = done too.

I was planning to keep 1-2L of LN2 to try the lovely GTX3 triple channel memory kit Corsair sent me on LN2 aiming for DDR3-3000 triple channel, but the happiness my 980X gave me with its clocking made me lose track of time and LN2 supply and the session ended unexpectedly during a 3D Mark Vantage run ( which was run with an old driver which we used for AQ3 since it was the best of the ones I've tested before, so we missed 1.5-2.0k for that ), we ran out of LN2 during the second CPU test, and the system BSODed right after AMDnord pressed the save score button :D


I'm preparing myself and my new hardware for more LN2 sessions, and if my plans pan out well, I'll have 2 more LN2 sessions ( 55L of LN2 each ) by this weekend :)


I'll leave you with some screenshots/pictures while I'm leaving the room to insulate the new VGAs :D


Many many thanks to:


corsair.png for the awesome RAM, thanks Alex, Mike & Peter.


antec.png for the TruePower Quattro 1200, thanks Korinna & Maurice!


[ click on the pics ORB URL's ]









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Looks like my thread title was a psychic prediction... PALINKA.

One shot drink, drop-down.


The CPU has at least degraded or is about to die ( or just my mobo got f*cked up )

The 2 alive MGH-E from my 3ple channel A-data kit seem to be dead

My classified seems to be dead after some poof and a tad smoke.


All in all, I might be out of CPU, RAM, Mobo now...


Stupid F batch CPU, 1 session with only a few liters of LN2, real voltages under 1.86V, and already degraded ?

F*ck this sh1t.

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