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290X makes bugged 03 scores?


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Okay so this is wierd.




Have you guys that bench 290X subzero seen this before?


Almost 9000 point per 25 mhz gpu clock seems legit :D


Either 3dmark03 makes bugged score or AMD have made an 03 monster!

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Yes , 03 is giving bugged High scores with R9 290x and R9 290 VGAs. I have not posted my scores because I do know they are all bugged high runs :/ black screens , like the HD5870 days for those guys that remember back in the day HD5870 was giving the exact same bugged High scores while black screen , same with this R9 290x. Only happens in 3DMark03 I can confirm as per my own long testing. Rasmuss66 that score you posted for 03 points is bugged high score :/. Dreaded black screen and 03 does not play well.


Kind Regards; Chispy

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look at the GTs, they are all over the place! They are obviously bugged if you are seeing 2000FPS on one run and 2600 on another


+1 agree 100% , absolutely correct Dinos my friend, same thing has been happening to me :/ , GTs are all bugged high and all over the place from run to run , hence why I have not posted any 03 scores on R9 290X until they get a proper driver out and fix this calamity , AMD need to fixed this.


Thank you Rasmsus66 for taking down that bugged score , I know the feeling and frustrations as I share the same and I cannot post scores like this , you did the correct thin to do.


Kind Regards: Chispy

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If you unlock a 290 to a 290X you have to submit it to the 290X category


Rules regarding "hardware unlocking":


"It is allowed to unlock extra cores and cache if your processor allows that. Again, you do have to submit your result to the category of the original hardware."


This is the rule for CPUs, but as there is no other rule for GPUs specifically, this one must be valid also for video cards? Som, 290 unlocked to 290x -> sub as 290?


I guess this should be discussed internally... :) There should be a definitive answer to this question.

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