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Heads up; FM Hall of Fame will start requiring SI 4.22 or later


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Just an early heads up; within the next two weeks, Futuremark Hall of Fame will raise the minimum SystemInfo version requirement to version 4.22 or later.


So if you are doing Serious Benching, make sure SI is updated or your record might be gone from FM Hall of Fame in a week or two.


We are also in final stages of getting 3DMark v1.2 update ready. Major bits include fixed hardware monitoring and greatly improved GPU detection (featuring licensed GPU-Z dll - why reinvent the wheel and all that), and the inclusion of Ice Storm Unlimited tests (to keep Ice Storm in parity with the mobile versions).


Should be available in a week or two.

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No scores with SI older than 4.22 will appear in HoF.

Existing scores with SI older than 4.22 will be gone from HoF.

Nothing will change with scores on user accounts (we'd never delete any user scores) and they will not receive any kind of extra flags.


So this is purely a change to Hall of Fame eligibility.


We will also at some point in the near future bump up the minimum SI version for submitting at all (probably to some early SI 4.xx version) during the process of cleaning up the receiver code. I can't recall what the current minimum is but I do know that truly ancient (3.xx something) already cannot submit. Again, this will not influence any scores already on your accounts.

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