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distributed team between multiple forums?


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Im think about trying to unite some UK (or primarily UK) based forums.


My hope is to leave each forum intact, but HWBot submissions all work together and are named under a 3rd party site, set up solely for bench submission. A user could submit scores either on the member site or the focussed site.


1st question: is this possible, without creating a crapload of extra work for you guys? There would (hopefully) be extra forums getting added periodically


2nd question: would it be possible to have different units in the team, for each member forum.


E.G.... the 3rd party site is currently called UKUBT. Would it be possible to have that accept scores from EP-UK, OCZF and other forums, but have scores searchable by forum?






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1) yes, the hwbot engine supports 1 team, multiple fora since rev2.0. However, a good interface for merging teams is missing and but has been coded already for v2.1. So if you can wait a few weeks until v2.1, i'd be easier.


2) no. by merging to one team you all become ... one team. The only difference between a normal team is that your bots can scan multiple forums, but you will be presented as one team.


To see how it looks, check out H.O.T.:



If really wanted, I could add functionality to search or list scores by 'sub' team, based on the forum that has been scanned.

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