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Competition decided with a invalid submission

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Hi guys, I'm creating this thread because of this submission:



First of all, I think that should be unacceptable one submission screenshot without cpu-z memory tab. Then I think that is really unfair that there wasn't a coretemp window there, by the competition's rules mandatory.


You can see at my submition ( http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1040248_gnidaol_3dmark_2006_3x_geforce_gtx_480_41597_marks ) that there was necessary to open a lot of stuff, it was really hard to fit all that on the screen. My video shows about 2 minutes of struggling with all that windows to successful show all required information. I've lost some results during the processes of opening all that info, had bsods and more bsods trying not to forget all required info necessary by the competition's rules....

I'm a new overclocker, I came slowly from air cooling, them some dice, and now I decided to give it a try to more thought hardware and cooling, the result that I've got was really hard to me to get. Suddenly I see a prize list that is not matching the competions rules that says that "# Top 2 of both categories are awarded". The final chart shows just the top 1 of each category being awarded. To get things worse, one of top 1 is better rewarded and just because a invalid and unfair submission.


Hope this could be fixed and the right prize rules could be applied.. And also that unfair submissions doesn't mess with a serious competition.


Sorry for my poor english, but I tried my best to make my self clear.


Thanks in advance

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By hwbot standards that result is OK and will recieve points, there is the screen shot plus a valid published ORB link.


As far as the competition goes (and I'm not sure who is judging entries) the rules specify MSI approved drivers. I'm not sure what they mean by that...maybe they mean FM approved drivers and if so, I think there may be grounds to review that submission. There is no rule about showing Coretemp in the screen shot, not sure where you got that idea. As with all competitions, each entry will need to be validated, only then can the winners be declared..

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In both stages, it was mandatory to have core temp and afterburner in the screenshot.


I've removed those that didn't have this (and would get a prize).


Thanks for recognizing the mistake and taking this fair action!


The result screen didn't change yet, I hope the system fix it soon.


Really good to see the rules being the rules, as it always should be. Thanks again


edit: I mean the final ranking screen didn't change yet, just the submission list.

Edited by gnidaol
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