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Portable Benchmarks: all-in-one benchmark installer


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Hey GENiEBEN, just an FYI that your tools get picked up by the Webroot AV software as being potentially bad. I've had it installed on my work machine for some weeks now (gogo abuse of company resources for those boints) but was only flagged this morning.



Infection List:

WPRIME_ADMIN.EXE, W32.Malware.Gen, %programfiles%\genieben\portablebenchmarks\wprime\, 48634FC26A03B74328E6674017D0B630

LAUNCHER_ADMIN.EXE, W32.Malware.Gen, %programfiles%\genieben\portablebenchmarks\ucbench\, E266E9D6F48ECCA6AAB402CB8347DF04

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Yeah... We have several clients using webroot and it's great at several things, but false positives it sucks at. One of our clients data gets flagged daily, and webroot refuse to change their algorithm around it. Something about unsigned code or something?


Then again, it's what I get for running the software on my work machine. :)

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