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Part 3: "Man Vs SLI." (~135 new results inside)


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First things first: this one is dedicated to my mum, who died before I was ready to submit it. :(


My GPU binning meant that, frequently, I had more than one of some GPU models kicking around and I thought "SLI would be something a bit new to play around with.... and it'd be good to learn how to handle more pots" I wasn't interested in the Quadro cards or the obscure G9x models like the GT330, or all the variants of 9600GSO.


That was in late 2011. Yes, two years ago. The first of the new-style of UK bench meets was coming up and I thought "if I come unstuck, I can get some help." The first scores I got were during that meet in December 2011 and....23 months on, they're still #1 scores.


I got a bit more ambitious...... the easiest way to show it is with "before" and "after" screenshots.































The original plan was to show 100% gold medals. Seven scores aren't and if i'd submitted ~9 months ago, the silver list would be shorter.


8800GTX: 3D05,3D06 & AM3. My scores were gold when I got them in March 2012, I just held onto them for FAR too long. Beaten fairly by newer hardware :)


8800GTS 512MB: 3D01 & AM3. Ananerbes scores went up before I got around to the 512MB and.... I was outperformed, plain and simple. I have no luck with CPUs.


8800 Ultra: 3D03. Beaten fair and square I guess. My cards would NOT scale towards 1GHz and I don't know why. At least my efficiency is ok :D


9800GTX: 3D01. Gold when I benched, CH was utterly incorrect and I held onto it for too long.




Surprisingly few deaths "this time around" but I killed a few 8800GTX, including two that did 999/1323 for all benches and THAT annoys me.




My thanks:


El Gappo & OCN, for supporting UK bench meets, VERY much appreciated.


Gigabyte, for supporting UK bench meets and for letting me have a loan of a Z77 UP7 for most of the Tri-SLI scores. THANKYOU!


The UK benching community for being awesome. (L) you guys! I won't list names.... you know who you are :D


My friends, for not being too mad when I gave up a Friday night to freeze my ass off in my garage :P

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

Sorry to hear about your mother, Ken.


Epic work as per usual! Told ya, you're a legend. :D


Congrats on the scores. Very, very well done!

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