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JtChen2002 - 3x Radeon HD 5870 @ 950/1250MHz - 480261 marks Aquamark


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Hello, This is JT Chen, since people keep challenging I am Andre Yang, so I think it’s time to make a clear statement. I work for ASUS as an engineer for more than 7 years. I have no intention to arise the big discussions. Sorry for that! You can google “JTChen2002”, and will find I did some records since Intel P965, even on previous P55 chipset last year.(check both English & Chinese web pages). And I am very clear about my position being a manufacturer’s staff, I never and won’t join the public / Online OC competition, not to say the HWBOT ranking. That’s why I chose not to participate the ranking, wiithout disturbing in the community.


But I will still post some records, the purpose is to let people understand the capability of ASUS’s product. With proper components, ASUS product won’t be the bottleneck, on the contrary, it can even help overclockers bench higher and easier. I’d prefer to keep low-profile, but in order to prove my OC capability, I will have a video taping of my next W.R overclocking project. Please stay-tuned.


Ps. Since I am not good at English, so my colleague help me draft this, but this is from my personal will.


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