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Second try with full retail setup...


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I build a new benchstation last week and did some new runs with my 3rd GTX 480.


Now I have one 1300MHz card and 2 x 1275MHz cards + 1 bad.

I will get one more GTX 480 next week, so I hope I can do 4 x 1200MHz runs with R3E soon.


I tried 03 in XP and it was way better than before.




Intel Core i7 980X (13A472)

ASUS Rampage III Extreme

ASUS GTX 480 (1.32V/1.75V)

Kingston HyperX 6GB set (7-7-7-21)

SF3D Inflection point CPU pot

Dimastech Benchtable

Win XP / Win 7 64-bit






06 was nothing too impressive:



03 was working well:



Win 7 is a lot easier with GTX 480 + LN2. On XP there was so temperature issues.


Next some 4-way SLI runs hopefully.


Thanks to ASUS and Jimm's PC Store!

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Thanks Slamms and Stuwi!

Quad SLI is the next target with these!


Albrecht- That is very secret tweak, know by only few benchers around ;)... No, like Pieter said, it is for space. A lot easier to insulate and use fans etc. It is 16X and does not hurt performance at all.

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Wow, XP seems very strong for 03 on nVidia. :o


Yes. XP is good with single GPU, but for more than one Win 7 is better.


You know which OS you need to run if you do your homework and test various drivers & OS's with each bench for each card before you go fill up your dewars and go out bragging "I show you scores"...


Yes. But my score is not boosted by XP only ;)


...Luckily I have not seen this type of bragging for a long time.

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