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(FS)GSkill2000c6PI+Trident2000C9/ OCZ2000C7/ MachArmor PSC/


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it´s me again :o - the items going on sale are all tested and in working condition


jd801298cwfwt.jpg jd801296o6dzi.jpg


1. 2x2GB GSkill PI 2000C6-9-6-24 1,65v(PSC)


Tested and working flawless, bought pretested 2600 8-12-7-28 TWCL6 on Ivy, I tested these as well for 2600 8-12-8-28 TWCL6 on Haswell, they needed around 1,81v on my rig, boot 1200 trcd10 and pass memtest on my ivy, also boot 1300 trcd11 but 32m isn´t working. Should do an excellent job at new owner, and come in original box with fan




2. 2x2GB MachXtreme Armor 2133 c9-11-9-27 1,65v(PSC)


Binned from a lot of Kits in a while ago, do 2600 8-12-8-28 twcl6 extreme tertiaries on ivy, also testet for 2666 8-12-8-28 twcl6 on haswell(1,87v), trp7 is not possible but 8 works also above 2666 for 32M. In original blister package




3. 3x2GB GSkill Trident 2000 C9-9-9-24 1,6v (PSC)


X-Series psc, working flawless, tested on haswell for 2600 8-12-8-28 twcl6 but need lots of voltage, and not sure the third stick will pass 32M as well. In original blister package


jd80129503er5.jpg trident102013018-12-8n8fxf.jpg


4. 3x2GB OCZ Blade 2000 C7-8-7 (Elpida Hyper)


Bought a few months ago, do 1866 6-6-6-18 around 1,75v on ivy bridge, 2000 7-7-6-20 on ivy and haswell tested, will also do above 2200 c7 and pass memtest at 2400c8 on ivy. These are not ideal test or benchplatforms for good Hypers, will show best performance on 1366 and older bench systems. Hate to see these go as well as other kits in thread, but spending means that other things have to be sold... In original OCZ box with blisters, but this is in poor condition


jd801302jdidh.jpg 1200c8ocz2000c70cbre.jpg 933c6ocz2000c72pbng.jpg 1066c7ocz2000c7vgyhj.jpg


Prices excl. shipping

1. 165 Euros sold to moose83 incl. shipping in germany at his search thread

2. 140 Euros soldto sergmann

3. 50 Euros

4. 115 Euros sold to crazzzy85



Payment is possible with paypal or western union, items are locted in germany, shipping outside of my country will cost around 7-17 euros, depending on transporter. If you google my nick, you may find feedback at german hwluxx,af, pcghx, and so on, all at 100%.



All items are sold as seen, no returns and no warranty provided by me, but all is tested and worked on multiple platforms, including memtest runs for example to check specs and beyond. Be aware, please, that oc results may vary with platforms used and compability issues on memory can always be a problem, in spite of never having had complains I can´t rule this out either

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pi sold
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Screens added

Made some fast screens for the OCZ, sticks run quite even, 933 6-6-6-18 1,75v minimized, 1066 C7 and 1200C8 at 1,75v and 1,8v not optimized, should work with less voltage. The 1300 8-12-8-28 on the tridents are at 1,88v, little bump on voltage makes trdrd4 and twcl6 work..



MachXtreme sold to sergmann, payment pending

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