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Do you have a link to a .zip with all files, Infra? I'll re-host the tools in the cloud then.

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CPU stress utilities

(like the modern Prime95, Lynx and others):


  • CPU Heat
  • Hot CPU Tester


I also have burnCPU utilities (burn K6, burnK7 and others).


CPUID (simple as it sounds - brothers of CPU-Z)


  • Central Brain Identifier - built specifically for AMD K7 (Athlon XP and others)
    (also includes NF2 timings tweaker and IIRC multiplier management)
  • AMD CPU Info - never heard of these two.
  • WCPUID - first well known CPUID utility. Identifies older hardware (up to s478?) pretty good. Also has plugins like Real Time Clock, multiplier management for K7, SSE enabling for Palomino, L2 cache latency for P2 and some others.
  • CrystalCPUID - more than just CPUID utility. MSR read/write (if you don't know what it is, you don't need it), K6/K7/K8/Intel EIST multiplier and voltage management, Real Time Clock, lists of devices on PCI logical bus (if you don't know what it is, you don't need it)


CPU utilities

  • RMClock v17 - old version (latest is 2.13 IIRC) - an utility from iXBT.com, made for monitoring throttling, also has multiplier/voltage management via Intel EIST (and AMD C&Q). Can also enable/disable CPU powersaving features.
  • CPUMSR - utility for enabling/disabling CPU features like cache, prefetching, write allocation and stuff (depends on CPU, supports K6/K7/K8 and Intel P4/ Pentium M).


Timing editors:

  • nForce2 Tweaker (by CodeRed) - most comprehensive NF2 editor. Others had much less timings to tweak.
  • Athlon64 Tweaker - the first and fulfil A64 timing editor. Highly recommended.
  • CPU Tweaker - the newest and popular timing editor (in case it's not some other CPU tweaker, will check later)
  • TweakBios 153b - chipset tweaker for very old chipsets (up to 440BX). Works only under DOS.



  • Clockgen NF2 - specifically for NF2
  • Clockgen NF3 - specifically for NF3
  • Clockgen NF4 - specifically for NF4
  • Clockgen - universal overclock utility for many clockgens of that time.
  • Dothan Clockgen - never heard of it. Probably a multi/voltage editor since overclocking doesn't depend on CPU.


VGA BIOS editors:

  • Ati HD38xx Bios Edit
  • BiosMod (GF2 bios editor)
  • GeForce123Edit (it was for GF and GF2 series I believe) + GeForce123 Runtime
    a BIOS editor and (IIRC) a VGA BIOS emulator! You could change VGA start screen text and view changes in the emulator.
  • X-BIOS Editor 1.0 RC3 b520 - yet another NVIDIA BIOS editor. In fact, it's second name is the more known RVBEdit.
  • RaBiT 2.2.1 - Radeon BIOS Tuner. Supports X800 series, doesn't support Radeon HD series.


VGA voltage tune:

  • Voltage Factory by AwardFabrik - IIRC, first stand-alone utility of such kind (before people used RT plugins to tweak voltage)
  • VoltageTune
  • vt1165 (plugin for RivaTuner, HD4890 uses this voltage regulators)


VGA utilities:

  • nTimings 1.0 - timing editor for GF2-5. Based on NV15 BIOS source codes. Needs RT to be installed AFAIK.
  • Coolbits.reg (unlock overclock in Forceware drivers) - not only overclock but other locked driver features too. Though, overclocking was the most important.
  • NVTweak 1.7.1 - NVIDIA tweaker. Worse than RT of course.
  • Riva TNT Clock - overclocking for Riva TNT.
  • Powerstrip - first universal VGA tweaking (and overclocking) utility! One of the oldest. It could even clock my S3 Trio64+.



  • ERAMN220 (the xp/2000 ramdisk Japanese oc'ers used in the past/not sure about now, extract with e.g. 7Zip)
  • nHancer 2.2.1 - system optimizer. I consider it junk like other "optimizers"
  • ZTAGP Tool (tool for AGP in chipsets like BX440, KT133, AMD 760 etc.) - AGP feature capability viewer and management like AGP mode, FW and SBA.


This is just a short brief. All of you can read the readme yourself. I don't think any of you are banned from Google. Everything written by memory, could miss something.

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I've uploaded the utilities to our server as well. Will update with the correct links next week.


Thanks for the info Antinomy! Maybe it would be interesting to also list them by platform? So if you're clocking old school you know which apps are useful.

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My main question is - how do you see this in the end, PJ?

A single archive with "everything be it old, useful or useless" or several archives for each category (say, VGA, chipset or by platform)? Or like a section on the site with subsections and descriptions for each utility?


I am willing to help but will spend my time only on something interesting and worth it.

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Some of the utilities are useless. I have some utils even more useless. Others are "must have" for old platforms and some I haven't even used, only collected through the years.

Thanks for the descriptions, I had no time for that, posted the links just before I left town.

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Not too much useless (except nhancer). More are simply outperformed. Newer heating utilities, newer and more universal clocking utilities.

Let's not forget that newer utilities are much heavier and have prerequisites (did someone say .NET?) whereas the old one were 20-200KB and worked like a flash even on socket 7.

I'll speak for myself - the interface of old utilities looks more friendly to me than the newer fancy ones with bell 'n' whistles.


Gotta post what I've got :D

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If there's going to be a download section, there should be all handy utilities we use. This thread is up because the old ones are hard to find and sometimes sophisticated. There are people that don't know of their existence as more young people start to bench old hardware.

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Should have much more somewhere...

Also have many s.A mod bioses for several popular boards.

Also the bioses for DFI NF4 boards lineup.


Care to share the BIOSes? I am looking for modded BIOSes by Merlin, Hellfire and tictac for DFI LP NF2 - had some of them on old PC, but it got lost over the years.

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That's not my link, it's just a bookmark that still works.

Not a full archive, but still many useful bioses there.

It's not just for K7, there are other platforms too: http://bios.hwtweakers.net/


Classicplatforms archive is also very useful.

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Is there anything that will let me change FSB in OS with the Biostar 785GE 128M? It uses the RTM 880N-793 clock generator, and nothing has worked for me thus far.

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