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chispy - Radeon R9 290X @ 1290/1581MHz - 4682.19 DX11 Marks Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset


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Well this VGAs are very weird , this is my best one out of four 290x. ASIC quality is 78.9 and have Hinyx memories , it clocks the same as my other lemons 290x on cascade but the Hinyx memories keep going and going on this one ... , this is on cold water around ~14c with very low voltage , I had mem volt mod done and ocp in all four of them but I took it all off when I was trying to run Quad fire as it was a PITA to dial all the 4 cards in , My RIVE Black Edition died while trying to run quad fire for country cup , using my cascade with thin aluminum foil trick to bring down temperatures to ~ 60c on my 3930K , tried for 8+ hours straight to get a good run benching Quadfire with decent VGA clocks , when suddenly kaput my cascade gave and died on me it took my Asus RIVE BE with it :(. So I start from scratch again testing it one by one on cold water , My Blue Cascade is dead ,LN2 place is close until the third of January so no LN2 benching until then , only cold water fun. I ill give it my best for 2 way crossfire today , im having some issues with my Asrock OC Formula Z87 , once I start pumping the volts and getting high overclocks on the VGAs 290x in 2 way crossfire , the cpu become unstable at my usual normal cpu clocks , need to research more why this is happening. I had to downclock massively my cpui to get a run to pass but then the score will be low score , it needs very high cpu clocks for more than one 290x :/

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