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AMD HD 5970 reference PCB


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Looks like there are two possibilities. There's a third Voltera VT1165 chip on the front and there's also a uP6101 on the back. Not sure which one controls memory but on the uP6101, FB is pin 6.


I've not modded a Volterra chip with just an FB mod before. Sense+ is pin 9 and Sense- is pin 10.








I referenced these images for front and back.


I have the whole datasheet for the Volterra chip and a single page for the uPI. If you need them, shoot me a PM.

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ddr overvolting on cypress gpu arhitecture will not help the mem overclocking at all in 90% of cases, the problem is the mem controller inside of gpu , hd 5970 use Hynix T2C ( we find that ic´s on HD5770 aswell ..and they ran with a good MC over 1500mhz.. so there are no limitation from ram aswell)they can ran at 1400+mhz without any voltage ajustament! so in all situation MC will be responsable for this.....


ram vrm is also volterra in one phase for EACH gpu


gpu´s regulator: VT1165mf ( conected pin9 to GND with 50ohm trimmer)drives three power MOSFETs(VT 1157SF) with a PWM signal for each GPU so you have separatly voltage control 3+3 for gpu´s...also software hack allow controll ajustament for VT1165MF without any problem ,but for me hard mod will be always best way from far..


for vmem don´t need at all a pwm chip to drivers only one phase with VT237WF integrated switching regulator 34A , 1.521v default...because it is a digital power mosfet, so that power mosfets will do alone this job als power regulator and pwm aswell!


for powered uncore I/O it is also 2phase volterra with 2xVT1157SF power mosfets and one Vt1165mf pwm controller ...


so in totaly we have 3 x VT1165mf pwm´s ... 2 ( 3+3 phase for each gpu)are for signal GPU regulators and another one is for uncore I/O (2 phase)

for RAM we had 1+1 phase VT 237WF for each gpu , power mosfet and pwm aswell...

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