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The official AlienHunter42's SuperPi - 1M global challenge - Jan 6, 2014 until Jan 13, 2014 thread.


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You are acting like a little boy. In the rules you did not specified such a limitation and this does not influence the score. You talk only about the frequency.


I did not tested my CPU on all cores at that frequency and voltage and for the moment I can not aford to lose it for a little boy.

The dismissal of my score in this manner and for the specified reason, in a single core bench makes me lose my respect for you and the interest for the challenge.


If you don't like to be defeated, please stop starting chalenges or be very clear from the start about the rules and notify the others including of this one: "You may participate, but you can not defeat me"


A better reaction in this situation is to search for tweaks and work harder to defeat me or any other challenger, you may use any number of cores, even 8 if you can, I don't mind in a single core bench on 3570k limited at 5100 Mhz.

And keep in mind that somewhere along the way, you may encounter some one better than you eager to accept the challenge just for the fun.


Frankly, I would give it a try on 4 cores, just to see what other reason for dismissal you may find after.


Good luck in the future!

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Thank you der8auer for the support



It is not the response I was waiting for. The challenge it's not over yet, don't give up.

You need patience, determination, maybe a little help from your friends with some tweaks, and regardless of the numbers of cores, you can beat this result. You have enough time to do this.


I know a lot of people who can achieve better results. I was accepting the challenge for the fun, thinking that I can beat that 7.160s, but knowing the fact that you or someone else can do better than me. Not to prove something nor to upset you.


But be aware... this it is not my best result, I have better scores and I think that it is still room for improvements. I am just waiting for the proper response from you or others.


I'm apologising for calling you a little kid. I was overreacting.


Cheer up, and good luck!

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