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Question: How to Sell/Ship a large (180L) Dewar?


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Hey all, wasn't sure of the best place to post this, but figured some that post in this section may have a tip or two.


I'm currently trying to sell off most of my benchmarking gear and one part of it is my 150L dewar. I don't have any way to transport it at the moment (not without renting a truck+buying a dolly+finding a way to get it onto the truck), nor do I have any idea of the costs of shipping it (I bought it from I.M.O.G. and he delivered it to my house).


Does anyone have any advice/tips for selling one? And an approximate valuation? (it has a good seal and is pressurized, but no extractor).


I plan to list it here in the marketplace once I have an idea of how to go about selling it.


Thanks for any advice you give.

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You will have to sell it locally , internationalshipping , delivery alone is going to cost you a lung and a liver , wayyy over $1,000US Dollars International shipping the cheapest way is UPS Freight , if you plan to sell it overseas wish is not a good idea to the massive weight and size. If selling locally try those cheap movers companies like when you move from one house to another , again because UPS will ask for too much money + you will have to built a crate and box for it :/ , I hate UPS. My best advice sell it locally and whoever buys the dewar let it make arrangements to go pick it up at your house in a truck. Good Luck on your sales.


Kind Regards: Angelo.

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