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reported submission but cant see what it is

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Hmm. its glareing at me right on the front screen. It could possibly have arrisen from me trying to post an XTU benchmark with an 8 core XEON ES processor I was given. When I tried to post the score it gave me a blurb about trying to benchmark with an unreleased processor blah blah. I cannot see what it is or fix it. Its just there all the time now.

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You cannot submit XTU results with ES CPU. Just FYI about engineering samples: http://forum.hwbot.org/showpost.php?p=243199&postcount=5


Fyi, there are three types of CPUs

  • Engineering sample: testing different variables of the silicon, no product SKU in CPU-Z (like Gulftown A0)
  • Qualification sample: testing the final version of the silicon, carries product SKU in CPU-Z (like all media samples)
  • Retail sample: -duh-

I assume all the question mark Q-SPEC QDxx have "genuine intel" as product name in CPU-Z?


As a sidenote to this, I would like to advocate for allowing qualification samples to be used in all rankings. So, as long as there is a product SKU identifiable in CPUZ the processor sample is allowed in any HWBOT ranking. Anything that just carries the genuine intel naming scheme remains for the pros.

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I've disabled points for your submissions done with Intel Xeon E5 2687W. If you move outside of Enthusiast League you can re-enable them. I don't see any reported submission yet, don't worry, will be checked when it comes in line.


That's the weird thing, it doesn't show up for me although he's a member of my team. I guess it's a bug that causes this behaviour of the site.

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