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Kal-EL - Xeon X5677 @ 5709MHz - 4sec 156ms wPrime 32m


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nice efficiency Kal !

thx buddy, workin at it :D

Keep it coming Kal.... I wanna see some R3E action...

I wanna give the Classy another swing at it, its a really good board, just gotta find the sweet stuff

Kal-EL's back in the game!

Awe mang, I didn't think anyone cared! :o lol

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Not going all the way on the first date, saving up the best for later?


You're such a gentleman! :P


Well, truthfully.............................She was sort of a "wench" if yah know what I mean, playin all hard in the boot and all. Telling me, "Pinch v here, DON'T touch v there". If she wasn't such a hotty, I prolly woulda just pumped her core (voltage) and bailed. :cool:


I'm not sure but I think I got the socket a little wet :rolleyes:

omg, its my ex-wife all over again :confused:

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