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Computex 2014: Who Is Going? Where are the OC events!


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10/6 works just fine for me.

And 390cc 13hp for everyone?


Group private use 2 hrs 2*16K NTD, seems cool if many want to go, maybe I'm just a pu**y but grandprix 3x drivers for each gokart and 2 hrs works pretty well, no?


5-8 karts 15-24 drivers?

Grandprix style prevents same weight for everyone, but its pretty darn certain that most can't keep focus for 2 hrs straight.

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I'm up for karting... I have a long old revenge to take on Vince.... back to Vegas in 2010...


Oh btw, thanks to Elmor for the info... there will be ULTRA Music Festival in Taiwan on.... June 14th ! BOOOM


So here are the party tips :

* May 31st : Armin Van Buuren Intense Tour. About 100USD (3K NTD) per tickets - Taipei

* June 14th : ULTRA Music Festival - Price : unknown yet, will be around 80 usd I guess. - Location : Kaoshung (south of taiwan, easy to acces with High Speed Train + can stay in kashung the city is nice to visit :))

* June 28th : 2F-White party (Headliner : New World Punx = Markus Shulz + Ferry Corsten), ticket about 1800NTD. - Location : Taipei


I will go to Armin + ULTRA, cannot be there for 2F-White sadly I flew back on the 24th.

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nice to meet you again petri, there is a persian restaurant in taipei we can try :D


Sure, let's do that.


I would like to see as many of my old friends as possible, so if there are some plans and I can join, let me know.

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