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The official Rookie Rumble Cup #1 thread.


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I've only been overclocking for benchmarks since the new year began so I guess I am a rookie (overclocked my first computer in 2007 really).


Why is the XTU benchmark part of the competition?


None of my processors can use it as they are all really old Intel or AMD.


Can I still enter results into the other two rounds?


Got some new memory and a desk fan coming this week.

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Was going to enter a couple of rounds last night but I have an FX-6300 and it's limited to quad core. Could I disable two cores and enter?


Also is there any reason my super pi results with the FX 6300 won't update in the rankings?


I'm still showing over 20 seconds in 1m and I've submitted results in the 17 second bracket more than once.

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Sorted pi scores but can i enter competition with 2 cores shut down on my fx6300?


If and when I get my old computer back from my ex girlfriend it has a motherboard which can unlock my phenom ii to a quad, can i use that?

SuperPi is single threaded. ;)


I have a HWBotPrime score made with a 4770k, but in the screenshot the cpuz tabs are missing. Unfortunately my 4770k is already dead, so I cannot even repeat the bench. If I add the relative cpuz validation link can I submit the score anyway?



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