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UCBench11: Tweaks and Luck


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All want to ban PCMark 05 because of all the tweaks lol, and now all want to keep costum settings for Ucbench :( Dissallow all costum settings expect SSE settings and done :)


Nono in my opinion pcmark 05 is THE BENCH

Because overclocking and benchmark is not only change frequency and CPU voltage, win7 64bit and run bench like XTU >.<

I love pcmark!

But ucbench is different...

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I kind of agree that if a wrapper is being developed then all current scores should just be disabled and we start again with the benchmark.


Sure there will be a lot of unhappy people but it is impossible to get a solution to suit everyone because most people will have a different idea on what needs to be done to resolve the matter.


Surely the amount of work and effort that will have to go into getting every single submission checked and validated would simply be impossible with the amount of current submissions and more people adding submissions every day. That's the main reason why I personally think getting rid of what we have and adding a wrapper is the only way forward :(

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Why not work directly with the author and avoid creating additional complications/bugs with a wrapper?

I guess he could easily modify the ui to suit hwbot needs, then only that version would be allowed.


No he wouldn't, asked him over 2 years ago for a fix to my exploits, still nothing.

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