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I.nfraR.ed - FX-9370 @ 7578MHz - 8202.5 pps HWBOT Prime


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Sam, it's not a "frequency monster", it just has a well balanced modules, although 3rd CU (CU2) is a little worse than the others.

Frequency wise, it is ~8.23GHz on second CU. I've seen 8.25, but could not save it. With a better TIM it might be possible, but it's not better than my old FX-8350.

That's my only FX-9xxx ever tested, so I can't tell for sure, but based on my experience, these chips should be more balanced, since they are required to run higher clocks on which FX-83xx almost always fail (or require excessive voltage) due to some weak CU.


Nevertheless I will try pi 1M and 32M next time. Had no XP set up at that session. High CPU-NB clock should help. Just for reference, 4GHz required 1.45V on the CPU-NB.

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