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wprime 1024 question. close but no cigar or am i dreaming here?

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dudes I think I know what you are going to say but I'll ask anyway.

I was benching wprime 1024 and I got all the way down. I was really ripping but it froze right before the final screen but I took a scrnshot anyways hoping so I could show it to you guys later. is more time added to the score at the end of that last line to get the final screen or is it the same time as the last line? the reason I ask is because if its the same time as that last line in the run then this should be acceptable. or not? lemme know. I'm kinda new to wprime and not really sure how it does scores. please dont laugh. is this worth anything?


result in question is 213.687.



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Yap, your CPU wasn't really stable and cores 1 & 3 got errors.


So next time you bench you should follow when some of the cores disappears in log then you can stop calculation and start again (with lower freq or more Vcore :D) because there won't be valid result just like in you screenshot ;)

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