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The official March Team Cup Warm-up Contest (Part2) thread.

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old? only k7 an pentium II are old, for the other stages u need the newest hardware... ;)

i like the idea. so u don´t need to much money and everybody can compete :)


I just think something like K10 and Core2 would be great. Still old, but cheap and easy to find.

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Its good to have a competition that doesn't require the usual binned newest generation stuff. Plenty of other competitions like that. Besides your Team Points are calculated by all your hardware, no need to turn this one into who has the best sponsorship.

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In the fifth stage, we must use a single core/single die cpu or we can use even a multi core cpu with cores shut down?


"Single Core" is one of the benchmark settings of Geekbench. You can run with all cores enabled!

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