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Help Needed: Subtitle translations for tutorial videos


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Hi all,


As you can see, we are making video tutorials for submitting to HWBOT. There is a voice-over and we are adding subtitles to the videos too. If you want to translate the sentences in your native language, check these Google Docs:


  • One translation per language. If your language is already there, just correct the grammar
  • Please include your name and contact email to the top of the file so we can add you in the credits
  • Please don't delete anything :) :)


After you are finished translation, please make sure to update this file: http://url.hwbot.org/1uCfPww



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  • Crew

ok, I'm adding that to the videos we'll do - deserves a quick one just on that I guess. :)


Added the file for HWBOT Prime : https://docs.google.com/a/overclocking-tv.com/document/d/1pps6VOMUdv0OOMJi1bjKsPNHFo1AqVrJYbv0dnHxz_c/edit#heading=h.6m1we6pn23m6


and SuperPi : https://docs.google.com/a/overclocking-tv.com/document/d/1opBzNhAfx9m_zLrX_WSTZdemc9LtX2_2RFnCU_5Lr0Y/edit

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  • Crew

Awesome, Thanks guys for helping out!


Added one more video: HWBOT Prime for Android


Subtitle translation file: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_WBcI1MI32lMY9xp3iGX9SlDhsIdFwvu1FWUYq0x2gA/edit?usp=sharing


@GENiEBEN, if you have the time, I think we could use your help for that one too: (HWBOT Prime Windows) https://docs.google.com/a/overclocking-tv.com/document/d/1pps6VOMUdv0OOMJi1bjKsPNHFo1AqVrJYbv0dnHxz_c



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