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Highest stable fsb for 24/7 use?

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Hi guys.


Just by luck I won an auction on a cheap Athlon X4 740 yesterday. Since my 750K is real bad, requires like 1.55 vcore for 4 500 MHz, I'm pondering the thought of using the 740 instead. I've been benching both A10-6700 and 750k on single stage and could run like 140-150 Mhz fsb. No idea whre I'll end up on air for 24/7 use though.


Anyone tried say 120 MHz fsb for everyday use? USB3/Pci-e issues?

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Epic chip :D





To answer my own question - I lost network and audio already at 130 FSB. That's with discrete cards for both, asus dgx pci-e and asus pci-e wifi card. Seems like pci-e frequency is directly tied to fsb on FM2, unlucky! Max stable base clock should be in the whereabouts of 120-125 MHz fsb.


I will post some more results with this good chip, 4900 MHz cinebench was easy at 1.475 Vcore (Custom H20 cooling, ambient temp ~20 Celsius.). Pity about the locked multiplier.

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