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3DMark FS-E: GT2?


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Hey all :D I have a problem, I think i'm missing something.


The common parts: W7-64, nvidia GPUs (a selection of)


Fire Strike Extreme. My GT1 is always right where I expect, my FS scores are also "right."


My FS-E GT2 FPS are always VERY bad. I don't think I have throttling.


I've tried a bunch of different drivers. Do different versions of 3DMark perform differently when combined with tweaks? My testing has shown nothing and.... i'm getting short on ideas


Any input welcome :)



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GT2 takes 1200+mb of vram, 1gb or less cards have not enough vram.


I have also terrible framerates on 1gb cards (try 560, 5850 ..etc)


Some cards with ~ 1200mb vram begin with good frames and at half test or so the slideshow begin =)


Example: sub 2fps here, normal for category 3/3+ fps

Same situation for sli (ex 2x 5850) very low frames.


Did not investigate much.

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My scores are bad compared to other cards with the same amount of GDDR :P I am quite sure I have a problem, I am thinking OS :/



There isn't a GPU equivalent of copy-Waza, is there? my GT2 also takes a "long" time to load.

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Tried v100, v110 and 12362, tried different OS builds, different platforms, tried copying the OS and driver combo that I got normal (or almost normal) scores with, GT2 is still in the toilet. I managed to get 0.00 FPS on one run!! Really getting short on ideas now :/



Maaaaan this is weird

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