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TSHardCore - Pentium 4 631 @ 4794MHz - 0.77 points Cinebench R11.5


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Hah 20 minutes and here we go:

(No mods, no bios mod, nothing modded, 12 mult because of SpeedStep ON)








Cheers :) If any questions, ask please.


BTW. I remember my first time >5.0 GHz on the same processor using crap motherboard Gigabyte EP45-UD3R. The same: no mods needed.

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So I assume that on this board I can run only cedar mill processors, because I tried with a p4 521 which is a prescott and which is working and i can't even boot... It gave me error... What version of the bios are you running? I've got the last one, maybe I've got to reflash it...

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P45 works with FSB 800 prescotts. I can show this too:





Two posts up I have uploaded 3 links. So there it is:



bios version.


As far as I remember - it is a newest version. Maybe problem is, that you have to clean your processor pins :) If it doesn't work - try to reset bios, it helps in many cases. :)

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