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The official G.SKILL OC World Cup 2014 Qualifier thread.


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Top 6 will be selected, so based on the CPU quality on the Kingston H.O.T Qualifier, I'll predict these 6 overclockers have good chance of entering the live finals:

- Vivi

- 8pack

- XA

- John Lam

- Splave


Also Dancop, and TeamAU boys might have a good run for fire strike with their 780 Ti :D


Anyway, would be really interesting competition to watch, Good Luck guys! :) :)

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Random thought: why not limit the memory clock stage to a certain CAS latency?

This could allow people to use their "casual benching hardware" for top submissions without having to spend the extra money on useless single-sided MFR (cheapest of which is 2800C12 with a pricetag above 200€) and IMC binning.

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Why all the hate against Multi-thread.

Limited to Z87 ... that is hardly the most memory bandwidth friendly platform.

I have my WR to thank for the G.skill ram I used on a 4p system.


Terrible platform limits, terrible program choice.



Your right it would be much more logical for everyone to bench 4P systems, where the price of entry for a single cpu is more than the entire cost of hardware for the remaining stages. . .


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