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help this noob with memory timings

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so i have these GSkill tridentX 2400 mhz C10 of 8GB each, i planned to snap them onto a IB but i'm stuck on a 2600k heh, so they max out of course at 2133 mhz unless i overclock the base clock a bit, what timings can i expect from these, i don't even know which chips are in as i'm way out of the loop and i'm not in the mood to remove the heatspreaders anyway



XMP says 2400mhz CAS 10-12-12-31 at 1.65v , right now i'm at 2133 10-11-11-28, so far i have completed a super pi 32m at CAS 9 yay!!!! i'm back at bussiness haha


it's for a 24/7 rig and i don't want to push forwards 1.65v on the suckers, VTT is at 1.25v


the motherboard is a Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H


as i don't have let's say that much time to be running endless 32m runs i'd appreciate a base about what could i expect from them, then i'll try to squeeze out as much as i can



remember they will be stuck at 2133 1.65v, all i want to know is where can i start as of timings wise


Sam, where are you :D




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