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The future of connectivity: 5G

5G is the buzzword of the year. And most probably it will remain buzz word of next year as well.    The full form of 5G is a 5th-generation mobile network. All the devices that have the aspect of connectivity enabled in them use require a proper network.    The history of the network started from 1G to 2G, and now we have reached 5G. Ti is the most advanced network that we have used to date.    Mobile phones are being launched with the ability to connect to 5G. Slow


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These HPE blades are recycled! Don't agree? Check this out!

Many things and trends stay just for a small amount of time. There are very few that last for a long amount of time.   Only the ones that can benefit stay. We all have heard about the 3 R’s. If you haven’t then it talks about the sustainability factor of our living format.   We are trying not to make a mess of resources more than what we have made already. A commendable example would be the recycled products available in the Computer Supply Store.   All have been


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