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  1. OC Gear Sale

    Hey guys, since I cant login to previous thread I wanted to put the thread here. Just in case anyone has any questions, or issues with there stuff or wants anything that's left. Everything has gone out except for the f1 dark because address is locked in old forum. I emailed him. And coolhands gpu going out tommorrow. Venom CPU Pot - $225 30L Dewar - $300 20L Dewar - $250 1 asus impact m8i with oc panel cable soldered to it, makes amazing cold board with retry button. Can include oc panel if wanted. - $150 1 asus m8e - $300 1 asus ix apex - $175 1 asus rampage v10 edition x99. - $300 1 gigabyte z270 soc gaming with oc panel, can sell oc panel separate. - $150 1 Asus OC Panel - $75 1 Samsung 120gb SSD Evo 840 - $75 Here are some dewar photos, I also forgot I have a bunch of ssd's, 1 250gb also not in photo. THIS IS THE 35L THIS IS THE 20L THIS IS THE DENTED ONE THAT IS PRETTY MUCH FREE FOR LOCAL PICKUP. THIS IS THE REALLY NICE 30L. SORRY FOR THE MESS, MOVING.

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