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HW GURUS Win ROG Showdown Team Edition 2

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The highly contested and incredibly well participated ROG Showdown Team Edition 2 contest just came to a close here on OC-ESPORTS. The grand finale gathered pace in the last three days of the contest with HW GURUS coming from out of absolutely nowhere, crushing all opposition with a thoroughly dominant win. In runner up spot we find Alza OC while the French Legion made a late push to earn third place on the podium. Let’s take a look at the final standing, the stages, the notable scores that were made and the great prizes that ASUS have lined up for our illustrious winners.

ROG OC Showdown Team Edition: September 22nd - November 6th 2017

Before we get knee deep in competitive OC action, let’s first remind ourselves about what the contest is all about. The ROG OC Showdown Team Edition 2 contest is broken down into five individual stages. Each stage involves a specific benchmark, a specific number of scores that are required, plus restrictions on cooling and the different hardware needed. Perhaps what makes the contest really interesting and unique is that there are also restrictions about which overclockers, from which HWBOT league may compete. Each stage includes limitations to allow Rookie, Novice, Apprentice, Enthusiast, Extreme or Elite league members to compete. The idea is to include challenges for all members of the team, from Rookie to Elite.

Stage 1: XTU 5GHz - Rookie and Novices

Stage 1 of the contest pits Rookie and Novices against each other in a straight up XTU fight. There is however one twist - CPUs are limited to 5GHz to prevent the stage becoming a straight up frequency and binning scrap. No subzero cooling is allowed as CPUs have to be shown to be above 60 degrees celsius. Like all stages in the contest, an ASUS motherboard is a requirement. Three submissions using any quad-core CPU and below are required.

Our champions HW Gurus take the win here with Rookies Golub (Serbia), Nemanja (Serbia) and Nadel1 (Serbia) demonstrating the strength of Serbian overclocking with an average score of 1794.67 marks XTU. This is just ahead of French Legion with an average XTU score of 1,784.67 marks and Alza OC with 1,770.67 marks. ROG Czech OC Guys arrive in 4th with /r/overclocking in 5th.

Read the full ASUS ROG OC Showdown Team Edition 2 contest roundup article here on OC-ESPORTS where you can also learn about the contest winners and prizes in full.

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