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  1. +1 I am also interested in this and want to know if 1.7 coming in the next time ?
  2. Ok thats nice! I flashed with OCed settings. BTW which memory configuration do u run (vendor and so on) if i could ask ?
  3. I can confirm that with beta bios 1.51 my mice not recognized after bootup is fixed. I had the problem that my Steelseries Sensei was not recognized by the system after a bootup with some delay in standby ( longer than 5 minutes ) until i replugged the mice. So with 1.51 beta bios and my 3 working ram modules the issue no longer persists and after every bootup my mice gets recognized properly no matter how long in standby before bootup. Many thanks for that fix!!!
  4. Yeah sadly and good to see i am not the only one. But dont talk about that here because its not possible that it can be the Godlike whos destroying ur ram, its the cheap ICs which memory vendors using (just kidding). And yes u have to get or rma ur kit cuz one of ur sticks is defective now. I got it that with OCed high end ram there is more likely a fail to happen. But so much people have the same problem on the Godlike that its not just that anymore. Its so fishy....
  5. I can make u plenty of screenshots and things but u would just reject everything. There is enough evidence in the MSI forums. What is the 04,60,55 debug led code reboot loop then?? I just buying a new kit and a new cpu and if they fail again on this board i throw the sh..it out of the window together with my new msi laptop ( jk the GE72 Apache Pro works great hope it stays like that). I never had problems like this with other vendors. And also i know that u was talking about ICs but i was talking about the IMCs cause u was saying at first it cannot be the ICs, check memtest. Whatever, u need to look nowhere into cause i am done with this mess. And yeah i have prove that with XMP settings none of my voltages where set correct for my dram (vdimm) and thats why every bootup i had "press F1 OC failed" message. This was related to the ram. With beta bios 1.51 pc is starting with 4 ram sticks populated. No reboot loop but windows is crashing randomly short after bootup because of bad ram stick. And changelog for 1.4 bios is "- Improved memory compatibility problem.". Ok and u tell people they are not aware of the situation and have no technical knowledge at all? Ok got it! I am done with this. Btw beeing an engineer at IBM doesnt mean i am a expert in consumer pc electronics but i have knowlegde (advanced) about computers. But hey never talk with a god about things like that. I try to message msi support but i foresee there is the same ignorance regarding this problems. Just because u dont have the problem it doesnt mean others with other configs have not the problem.Have a nice day. One of the threads: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=269740.0 (i add more) look into it and tell me again there is no issue... i have the exact same problem like these people
  6. So pepinorang u say its more likely that the 3000Mhz CL15 settings after around 5 months killed one of my IMCs (5930k IMC should be not that weak...) ? Randomly ? Short after a bios update. Let me recheck this. But this seems all very fishy. Regarding this there are also plenty threads about on the MSI forums where other people complaining about the same. I just say 04, 60, 55 debug code reboot loop with press F1 message cause OC failed. This caused by one ram stick. Without system runs fine.
  7. When i got that right its mainly caused by XMP code getting enabled so turning XMP of and set it manally should eventually help u.
  8. Haha ok thats not possible ??? Why the hell then memtest say my 4. ram is wrecked and with every 16gb kit it works? Why should the ic be crippled?? Because i just used XMP and everything other normal? Thats ridiculous especially in regards with the latest voltages mess in the 1.2 and 1.3 bios and a pulled of 1.3 bios tells me everything. Also the ram worked like a charm for many months with my settings without any issue until an bios update. I recheck it but in 99.9% its not the case here. With every other ram stick populated in the slot or in all slots its works just fine like before. I am engineer at IBM so i dont edit my post cause its truly possible!!!
  9. I mean with "double flash" that i flashed it one time ( that will update the updater aswell) and then after that i did flash it again and then shutdown and CMOS reset ( after disconnecting power). It seems like it kinda fixed the double post from cold boot issue but not the intended "if u change pcie settings ME firmware needs to save and reboot" behaviour which seems a feature rather than a bug. Which to me is logical and i only have this if i am change critical values in the bios. I did download it here in the frontpage.
  10. Ok flashed bios 1.51 yesterday and for me it seems to bring back some "Godlikeness". I double flashed bios and did CMOS reset. After that i put all my 4 ram sticks back, started and configured the bios. So from first time on a clean boot with m.2 and and XMP enabled also with all 4 sticks. No more "OC failed press F1" message or continous 04,60,55 debug LED boot loop. From that point good job! For me only one problem persist now which is that my SteelSeries Sensei mouse will not get recognized after booting up the computer after a longer period in standby.
  11. OK didnt ever believe this is possible but it seems one of the bios updates after 1.1 was killing my ram. Fact is i had massive boot problems and took out the fourth ram stick. And now everything is back normal and working like at the first day. Tested many combinations but its the one ram stick for sure. Crazy now i need to RMA and so on and just on 12GB RAM. Maybe i just buy a new kit. Somebody have experiance with G-Skill RMA quality? Whats up with bios 1.50 beta ?
  12. Wow thats seems crazy. I hope this is not true. But my problems with the board are all over the place. Can you give me a link to the thread in the msi forum please? Thanks Btw. "good" (not really) to see i am not aloone with the problem. I think i will flash the second bios chip back to version 1.1 and try it again. Some weird stuff is going on with the "Godlike" bios.
  13. For me it seems that XMP is totally broken with latest bios on my Godlike. Also the dram voltage sometimes work and sometimes not. If so my settings work fine. If not i get "overclocking failed pres f1" mostly when booting up after a longer period in standby. I then need to switch voltage in bios for + or - 0.15v for dram and save and reboot and hopefully it boots with 1.35v and above. Mostly it will do not. With XMP enabled it stays strictly at 1.20v and so is when its set it self back. Bios 1.0 and 1.1 were working well. Moreover sometimes the board when booted after some time in standby dont recognizes my Steelseries Sensei mouse. I need to plug it out and back in again to make it work. In my opinion there is something weird going on with the two latest bios versions. Also remember bios version 1.3 was taken back by MSI and they released version 1.4 . But bios still seems to be broken. With bios 1.2 the problems started. But 1.4 seems even more worse.
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