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  1. I guess my "overclocking blood cells" found their way to my brain again :P

    We all need to get a break from things we love and do quite a lot sometimes, but unlike other things, you can't quit overclocking :D

    I keep hearing people say "I'm quitting extreme overclocking" multiple times, yet they're still here :D ( which is a good thing of course, unless this hobby starts wrecking other important daily things )


    I originally planned to skip Sandy Bridge ( LGA1155 platform ) and the GTX580, but temptation's taking over control and now it's almost certain that I'll be grabbing new 1155 hardware & VGAs to start benching again.


    It's always nice to bench, and with honest, good people & great OCers/tweakers around it only gets better.


    Keep on rocking 2001SE man :)

    I bet you already have 136k and you're working on something even higher, the competition is rising again in 3d2k1 and this makes me very very happy and excited, 3D Mark2001SE is SIMPLY THE BEST BENCH.


    See ya soon man, take care & have fun :)

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